Roadwheel Tyre & Exhaust Ltd - Air Conditioning Regas

Once we start the cycle the first thing the machine will do is recover all the gas that is in the car and empty it all out and then once it has done that it will go on to a vacuum cycle to make sure there are no leaks and also vacuum out any moisture or any other impurities that are in the system. It stores them in the machine and separates the gas and oils and then injects fresh gas and oil into the car air con system. If there is a leak the machine will stop the test.

DIY kits are OK but all they do is inject gas into the system, they don’t vacuum it out, they don’t check for leaks or impurities. The more impurities and moisture you have in your system (which accumulate over time) the less efficient your vehicle’s air conditioning system will be. This means it will cost more to run it as it will be working harder and longer to get to the temperature you’re asking for.

It is accepted that you lose between 5-10% of your air conditioning gas each year so it will work as expected until it gets down to a certain level, this is when you notice the fall in performance. Have it checked every 2-3 years or sooner if you notice a fall in performance. An air con re-gas will probably solve such problems.

Yes you can. It takes about 45 minutes, or you can drop it off and pick it up later.

Just £65 inc. VAT