Dynamos 4 V 3 AFC Henley

It started raining 10 minutes before kick off and stopped raining 90 minutes later it was wet wet wet.

From the kick off the Dynamos were in control with constant attacking but AFC Henley seemed to have everyone behind the ball and a very strong goalkeeper stopping everything fired at him.

22 minutes into the game and George Putland breaks them down with a left foot shot in the bottom corner followed by a strike from Ben Brown. AFC Henley start to come back with a goal before half time, the weather playing a big part in the game.

Second half and Henley start well breaking down the middle and wings the Dynamos start to look as soggy as the pitch. Henley take the lead with 2 goals one from a slip an Martyn Lowles could not hold onto and a third from a fantastic corner. Could this be a 3 points lost.

Well Jack Brooke was having none of it, stepping up to the plate with some strong work in midfield and forcing the play into Henley’s half and the Dynamos get a free kick to the left of the box and Jack Brooke brings the game level with an excellent free kick. 2 minutes to go and Adam McCleave scores a 4th, tucked in the corner from a pass from Charlie Morrison who had ventured forward.

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