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Dynamos 6 V 1 Woodley Saints Kites

This game has been a long time in coming, the two top teams meet both unbeaten.

The Dynamos were not put off by Woodleys reputation of being unbeaten and sitting at the top of the division.

Straight from the off the Dynamos knuckled down at set to work scoring four goals in the first half and not allowing Woodley any chance in the game. All of the first half was played in Woodleys half, Zen, George, Charlie and Sam all finishing there chances to put them in a commanding lead at the break.

Second half and Woodley did come out with more of an attack but the Dynamos defense was not to be broken and managed to clean up and break down any attack. Then hope was given to Woodley in the form of a penalty, which Martin very nearly saved. The Dynamos kept going and put the game to bed with 2 more goals from Jack and Sam.

This was a game that we all looked forward to and expected it to be harder than it was, I think it was down to the team, they played and worked for each other and made their opponents look a little basic.


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