Standard Tyres
There is no standard time for how long tyres should last before they need replacing. Generally, it is recommended that front tyres should last for approximately 20,000 miles and rear tyres should last 40,000. However, many factors influence the rate at which tyres degrade; including:
– If your vehicle is front or rear wheel drive
– Driving conditions
– Weight carried
– Driving habits
Fast driving and bad weather conditions can cause your tyres to deteriorate much faster.

Spare Tyres
You should try to make sure that your vehicle contains a spare wheel should you ever need to change a tyre on a public road. Spare tyres are only a temporary fix as they are not made to last as long. You shouldn’t drive for more than 50 miles or exceed 50mph whilst driving, as they may not be able to withstand the pressure. Spare tyres are not a permanent solution and are there to get you home or to your nearest garage in an emergency.

If you think your tyres are getting close to needing replacements, or even just for peace of mind, call in to Roadwheel for a free tyre check.

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