Winchester Crit

Chris McNamara claimed 2nd position at the Winchester Crit last weekend after losing out to Easton Ritte rider Al Murrison. A short report below talks us through what happened.

We had strong team representing Pedal Heaven in this race  – on the line were Rob McCarthy, Will Harper, Simon Holt, Mitch Webber and myself.

This race is on a very technical/tight circuit and from last years experience we knew the first few laps and getting good start would be crucial!11252501_858698330864459_2691142780870005918_o

The race split very quickly, Mitch crashed heavily on lap 3 but got back up quickly and after a lap out was back in the race – after around 15 minutes their we’re 4 of us left in the lead, last years winner Al Murrison, Jody Crawford, Mitch and myself.

We rode hard together and built up a lead then Mitch and I tried to get one of us up the road but the other two weren’t going to let this happen, we were all together going into the last lap and it ended in a sprint – I got a good jump and thought I could hold on but Al was too fast and came round me in sight of the line.11426403_858698410864451_6649157201562643485_o

Mitch did a great ride for 4th having got up off the deck, Rob was in a chase group taking 7th and Will was close behind so a solid day for the team. Close but no cigar!

Pedal Heaven support triathlete Hannah Lord

Pedal Heaven are pleased to announce that they will be supporting triathlete Hannah Lord.



Hannah is a talented athlete moving towards great success in the world of triathlons after taking 2 wins from 2 races this year already. One win came from a local triathlon and the other from her first drafting race in sunny Majorca, Spain last month.



Last year Hannah finished 3rd at the Triathlon England National Championships and 5th in her age group at the Standard Distance World Championships.

Pedal Heaven will be focusing to support Hannah by supplying a bike and help of other cycling items throughout her season.

We wish her the best of success in all events.

Stevie takes the honors at the Welsh Road Champs

Stevie Williams and Gruff Lewis were representing for Pedal Heaven at the National Welsh Road Championship’s. A short report below gives a run down on how it went.

The race started off really hard which was expected, this however ended up neutralising all the elite riders.11218722_816618368426361_6864373549862440495_n

On the second lap I got into a break with Rhys Lloyd and Andrew Williams, a group of four came across to us which included my team mate Gruff and Ben Simmons, it was good that we were both represented as where NFTO.

I started feeling a bit worse for wear throughout the fourth lap. As the fifth lap started my legs started coming back to me.

Me and Gruff had a chat towards the end, and we knew we could play a couple of cards, on the last climb I attacked with 5km and got a 30 second gap to the break reaching the top of the climb and I was able to hold down the rolling decent to the finish and take a solo win.11196285_816619635092901_5555221846189299460_n


Gruff won the group sprint and took second place.

An overall good day out and a great result for Pedal Heaven RT

Use the link to watch a post race interview with Steve Williams –


Cicle Classic

The Cicle Classic is always a great race which offers lots of excitement over the 180km mixed terrain course. After a great team effort from all riders Alex Paton managed to clinch 12th overall, a report below written by Alex talks us through how it went.Gruff Lewis

Having been excited all week the time had finally come to race Rutland Cicle Classic.  Gruff, Rory, Simon, Stevie, Max and myself we all in for a treat as the weather had been kind enough to stay dry on the day and give ideal conditions for the many off road sectors this unique race has to offer.

180km awaited the 170 or so riders and made for some very fast racing on the opening two laps of the reservoir with attacks constantly going and coming back.  For the first time in a few years, the race headed to the first narrow section and KOM as one very large peloton.  The last few Km into the narrowing was like the run into the finish of most races.  Riding well as a team we all placed well into the first narrow section and avoided the carnage behind.  We soon placed ourselves up towards the front of the race in the mix with the many UCI teams.

As the race progressed though the many varying loops, farm tracks and punchy climbs we still had a good team presence towards the front.  This was a very good position to be in and by half way a very large number of riders had lost contact with the peloton of the race due to punctures, crashes or simply unable to deal with the tough pace and demanding circuit.Peloton

With a small group of 5 gone clear and riders looking reluctant to chase, gruff and I took to the front and tried to start a chase.  A tough challenge with just the two of us, but eventually the pace lifted and people began to race hard again.

Through one of the farm track the front of the race really exploded and soon the lead group was caught.  From this point the race continued to make good progress having formed a lead group of 50 or so.  As more farm tracks came up, more and more riders were lost to punctures, having survived the tough selection, Gruff, Stevie, Max and I were still in the race.  Unfortunately Rory and Simon had not made it, a shame as both have been riding very well in the past few weeks.

Coming into the closing stages of the race the lead group had become even smaller and we had lost Stevie to a puncture and Max caught up with a crash.  With approx. 25km to the finish 3 riders had a small advantage and looked to be progressing well.  The front of the race didn’t seem to be wanting to chase with many riders tiring, including myself.  I took a big gamble and decided I would try and bridge across the gap and prey the group Rory Townsendstays away as it would take a huge effort to make it there.  After a very tough few minutes chasing I had made the group and we eventually extended the lead to 45s at most, eventually getting caught with 7km to go due to One Pro and Madison using their whole team to chase.

Into the final rough section Gruff and I were still in the front group and well positioned.  Unfortunately Gruff punctured along with many others, but still managed to finish in the second group.  I survived in the lead group and with almost no legs I managed to hang on to finish 12th, a very respectable result, but a little disappointing after a top 4 looked possible, but that’s just how it works some days.  I did however manage to win possibly the biggest pork pie ever, which was an interesting prize to say the least.

A very tough race, but one hell of an experience.  A great weekend racing with great support from everyone who came along to help!

On to the next one…….Wilton GP

Tour of the Reservoir report

Another tough weekend of racing done and dusted at the Tour of the Reservoir. Pedal Heaven’s own Dave Mcgowan finished 13th overall in general classification, a report below explains more.

Stage One

The tour of the reservoir is renowned for its difficult racing conditions and the 2015 tour did not disappoint.

135 riders set off on stage one to tackle eight laps of the Derwent Reservoir, no sooner had the race begun when the race began to split into groups; due to the tough winds the riders had to face.

At the end of lap one a small group of 7 riders escaped the peloton, including Pedal Heaven’s own David McGowan as the only none UCI team representative in the breakaway. A lap later the group would swell to 9 riders and gain almost a four minute advantage.

However, in the final 20miles the aggressive peloton had been decimated by the fast pace and were now closing in fast on the breakaway!

At the finish line it was Madison Genesis rider Eric Rowsell who took the victory, with a slender margin over the rest of the breakaway.

With a small 15 man peloton less than a minute behind it was all to play for on Stage Two.


Stage 2

As the race started on stage two, the remaining riders left in the race faced gruelling weather conditions with rain, biting winds and even a snow storm!

The race organisers decided to change the route to a shorten 80mile event, taking on 6 laps of the Derwent Reservoir.Tour of the Res

Many attacks early in the race came to nothing, as the Madison Genesis team controlled the peloton for the Stage One winner, Eric Rowsell.

As the race reached the last lap the weather had taken its toll and there were now only 20 riders left at the front of the race.

As the sun finally broke through the thick grey clouds, Marcin Bialoblocki of OnePro Cycling emerged at the head of the group to take the win on Stage Two.Eric Rowsell took the overall win of the Tour of the Reservoir 2015, with Steve Lampier (Team Raleigh) in second and Andy Tennant (Team Wiggins) taking the final spot on the podium.

Pedal Heaven were well represented despite having difficulties with crashes and injuries during the two day event in Northumberland. With David McGowan finishing 13th, Gruff Lewis 26th and Stephen Williams in 29th place.

Chorley GP round up

Chorley GP was on the cards last weekend, with this race being the first round of the national elite series things were always going to be exciting. Stevie Williams fills us in with a short report below.

Gruff, Will, Alex, Dave, Max, Dave Creegan, Rob Moore and myself, headed to Chorley last weekend for the first rounChorley Grand Prixd of the Elite road race series.

As I arrived at the race, nerves started to kick in as I wanted to do well in my first elite race as a senior rider.

The flag was dropped and I knew position was key heading into the bottom of the first climb, as the race got to the climb I positioned myself well and was sat comfortably in 20th wheel, at the summit of the climb myself and Tom Stewart (Madison) attacked and made a workable gap with gained around 2 minutes, unfortunately we were bought back at the 60km mark.

Once I was caught, I had a small chat to Gruff, I ate and drank a lot leading up to the next time up the climb. I positioned well again because I knew the race was going to explode this time, and it did, with 18 riders making the split, I found myself in this lead group and knew the race wasn’t going to come back together as Raleigh, NFTO, Madison, JLT and ONE where well represented.

The next time up the climb I thought about the KOM points and was able to go across the summit second as I knew I was leading this classification along with the sprint classification.Stevie

During the last lap my legs started to suffer and I was distanced from the group. I then got myself into a group of five riders and rode to the finish, I was able to take 20th place. With that position and taking the KOM classification I was happy.

A good start for the team as we secured 5th Team and gained ourselves 7 points to the overall standings.

Big thanks to Craig, Tim, Jojo, and Jenine for all the help.

Stevie Williams takes 11th overall at the TotnesVire

Stevie Williams finished 11th overall in general classification last weekend at the TotnesVire stage race. A short report below fills us in with how each stage went.

Gruff, Dave Creeggan, Mitch Webber, Will Fox, Rob Moore and I attended the Totnes 2 daStevie Williams y last weekend, a difficult weekend with tough competition and poor weather conditions.

Stage 1

It was a grim rainy and windy day, and we knew the terrain was tough and splits where going to happen, with the team looking good at the front if the peloton we went with a lot if moves early on and we were always in the place that we needed to be.

Rob Moore managed to get himself into the break of 8 which was ended by a mechanical.

On the 3rd lap I got into a chase group of three with OnePro and Raleigh riders, we worked well together, and a small group of 8 came across to us. We stayed away until the end and finished 15 seconds behind the break, I finished 9th on the stage. With G and Mitch safely in the group a minute behind.

Stage 2

A couple of hours later it was a closed circuit race, morale was pretty low at this point due to bad weather and fatigue from the morning stage. We picked ourselves up with a few jokes and got into the racing mind-set once again.Gruff Lewis

We positioned ourselves well throughout the race, but it was Rob Moore who stole the show, Rob put in a great effort after clipping of the front staying away until the last lap in which he did a great job of riding solo for over an hour holding off a brutal chase from OnePro. A lot of riders where getting spat due to crosswinds, I found myself distanced in the last couple if laps losing a bit of time to the leaders.

Stage 3

I knew today I was capable of getting myself to a top 10gc finish due to the Haytor finish. With the boys looking after me early on, with 40km to go it split massively and there was a group of 20 riders left, with a break of four up the road Lampier of Raleigh, Mould, Opie and Yanto of OnePro the raced slowed.

I managed to position myself well at the bottom of the climb. And go with the early moves. With the crosswinds on Haytor, climbing wasn’t easy.

Myself and G managed to finish the race 11th and 14th overall.

Second for Rory at the SERRL round 3 Challock

Rory Townsend finished second behind NUUN Sigma rider Wouter Sybrandy this weekend at the SERRL round 3 Challock, Rory has written a report below which talks us through how it went.

Round 3 of SERRL’s summer series had been moved from Frant to Challock course because of road works. This was a six lap, 120km race finishing up the 2.5km, 7% gradient, White Hill.

Mac, Rosie, JP, Lewis and I lined up for this one, alongside strong teams from Richardsons Trek, Catford Banks, and Nuun Sigma Sport. Richardsons would be the team to watch as they had seven riders, despite their pre-race tactics to follow Pedal Heaven!

It was a relatively slow start to the race, possibly due to the wet and windy conditions, but soon the attacks started. Two riders from Richardsons and Catford got away after a lap or so and quickly built a good lead.Rory and Alex

Just under two laps into the race, a larger group got away including 5 Richardsons Trek riders, Wouter Sybrandy (Nuun Sigma Sport), Rosie and JP. Riders were trying to jump across to the break, so as we turned onto the open cross wind section of road, I attacked taking Lewis with me, using the riders ahead of us as stepping stones.

Once together, Pedal Heaven and Richardsons riders began to work through and off. We were held at a minute to the bunch. After a lap or so, the two origional breakaway riders were brought back, and the minute gap had widened to three.

As we crossed the line for a lap to go, we were all still together. On a faster section of road, two riders slipped away, Wouter from Nuun and Rhys Howells from Richardsons. The four of us were caught out, as JP and Alex were at the front, whilst Lewis and I were at the back. Because we were slow to react, they built a decent lead of around 40 seconds. Rhys was very unlucky to have crashed on a corner, landing in a ditch, leaving only Wouter up the road. There was some confusion in the group as not all had realised Rhys was out, so Richardsons were still reluctant to work. By the time they got involved, the gap was out to a minute.

There was a lack of cohesion in the group and it was clear some people were struggling, so as we passed through the feed zone for the last time, I attacked, again taking Lewis with me, along with two Richardsons riders. The four of us worked well, but with a down hill run in towards the turn off for White Hill, it playing into the hands of the lone leader.Rory Townsend

Richardsons led us onto the climb, and as it began to kick up, one of them attacked, Lewis shouted to me to follow, and as he sat up seeing me on his wheel, I attacked going clear alone with one Richardsons rider chasing. I crossed the line, disappointed with second having felt strong all day. Lewis took the sprint for third, JP came home in 7th and Rosie in 10th.

Mac was in the group behind, having got in the counter move earlier in the day, finishing in 17th.


Chris McNamara takes 8th at the Wally Gimber RR

Last weekend saw the Pedal Heaven RT take on the Wally Gimber Road Race which for the first year has been announced a National A.

The race started fast and every rider was active at the front, attacking themselves trying to make the crucial move and also closing down attacks. There was a break just approaching the end of lap one which looked promising, there were number of riders from Raleigh GAC, JLT Condor, Catford and all 6 of our riders. The race was forced to be stopped due to some riders crossing onto the other side of the road causing dangerous riding, after a strong word from the commissaire the race was restarted with all riders back together.Simon Holt

After the restart a small break was established which was sitting around 45 seconds for a long time, Rob Moore who had been riding strong all race was involved, unfortunately that was bought back after some string riding from the peloton.

After many attacks and a lot of chasing the decisive move happened as the race was nearing the end which included 23 riders and all major teams represented. Three riders clipped of the front half way through the penultimate lap, two Raleigh GAC riders (Karol Domagalski and Steve Lampier) and 1 Richardson’s Trek rider (Jamie Caldwell) and they stayed away until the finish.

With 20 riders left in the group behind it was one last time up the hill which did see some rider’s fall of the back of the group and then a sprint finish.

Chris Mcnamara was the highest placed rider with 8th overall, followed closely by Will fox in 10th and Rob Moore in 12th.

A strong ride all round by all riders!Rob Moore


1 Karol Domagalski – Raleigh GAC 03:45:14
2 Steve Lampier – Raleigh GAC
3 Jamie Caldwell – Richardson’s-Trek RT
4 Tobyn Horton – Madison Genesis
5 George Wood – Richardson’s-Trek RT
6 Brad Morgan – Raleigh GAC
7 Sam Lowe – Raleigh GAC
8 Chris McNamara – Pedal Heaven RT
9 Joseph Moses – JLT Condor
10 Robert Moore – Pedal Heaven RT
11 Michael Smith – Corley Cycles – Drops RT
12 Will Fox – Pedal Heaven RT
13 Ashley Dennis – Catford CC Equipe/Banks
14 Thomas Bustard – Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT
15 Lawrence Carpenter – Catford CC Equipe/Banks
16 Andrew Hastings – Richardson’s-Trek RT
17 Edmund Bradbury – NFTO
18 Martin Ford – BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
19 Ashley Cox – CC Luton
20 Luke Grivell-Mellor – JLT Condor

Dave McGowan takes the win at the Evesham Vale RR

Building on the good form that has so far gained him three top ten places this season, Pedal Heaven RT rider David McGowan took it one step further to take the victory in Sundays Evesham Vale RR over 62 miles, in Worcestershire.

The Pedal Heaven rider sprinted to victory ahead of Team Sportsgrub’s Ben Stockdale and NFTO’s Dale Appleby.

After many of the early moves were ridden down by Pedal Heaven RT, The big split in the peloton finally came.

On the Second of Four laps, a large group of around 18 riders gained a small advantage.

Team Madison and NFTO had the strength in numbers in the break, and it was left to them to push the pace.

After many attacks coming from the riders in the group, the break was eventually whittled down to only Seven and it looked like it could be the bigger UCI teams that might steal the victory.Evesham RR

However, with the help from team mate Harrison Jones who was also part of the breakaway, McGowan followed the right moves to be able to sprint to the win by only half a wheel.

Another great result for Pedal Heaven RT!!


1 David McGowan (Pedal Heaven RT) 2:30.00

2 Ben Stockdale (SportGrub Kuota CT)

3 Dale Appleby (NFTO)

4 Zach May (NFTO)

5 Adria Moreno-Sala (Velosure Starley Primal)

6 Dominic Jelfs (Madison Genesis)

7 Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis) all same time

8 Liam Holohan (Madison Genesis) at 10 sec

9 Justin Hoy (NFTO)

10 Matthew Clarke (Wheelbase Altura MGD)