Ascot 2 V 3 Dynamos

All we can say is well done for the 3 points, the Dynamos stuck at the task and with the last kick of the ball won the match.

Bracknell 0 V 4 Dynamos

The U13s Dynamos are looking for new players to make the move from 9v9 to 11 aside. This is a young team that is looking to grow in the coming years. They train on a Tuesday and play on Saturday mornings.

Please contact through web site

Dynamos 4 V 2 Henley

This was always going to be a tough match and when the Dynamos went 1 down in the first 5 minutes it looked like it was going to be hard work. After that shock the Dynamos settled down and started to play our game, the attacks came down the left through Shaun and George managed to convert 2 chances to put the Dynamos ahead at half time.
Second half was just as tough as the first with Henley being very physical with every tackle. The Dynamos stuck to task and scored 2 more through Patvin and Oliver. An unfortunate penalty that Martyn almost saved brought Henley back into the game but the Dynamos held strong to win the match. Well done everyone from those who played to those who were sub we are a complete team.

Whitegrove 1 V 12 Dynamos

This was our first win in a cup qualifier since we played 7 aside a long time ago
The match was dominated by the Dynamos from start to finish.
We as a team played with meaning from Goalkeeper to Striker.

Dynamos 7 V 2 Pumas

It was a game of two halves with the first going to Whitegrove Pumas. Though we went in 3-2 up the game was not put to bed and the Pumas were looking the better team. Second half looked like it was going to be hold on to what we have got. Then Patvin took a knock to the head and we had to move the formation. Which George took on board and went on a rampage scoring 4 within 20 minutes. Nice Result.

Dynamos 8 V 0 Bracknell

20130907_095448It is always a enjoyable match when we play Bracknell Cavaliers FC and it is usually snowing. This match was no different apart from it was not snowing. The Dynamos had the run of the first half with George scoring 6 before half time. All were created by work down the left wing from Shaun and the right side by Aaron and all finished by George. Second half the Dynamos made changes and the match settled down with the Cavaliers creating chances down the left. As usual Zen stayed strong in defence and Oliver in goal kept the Cavaliers at bay. George scored 1 more and Jack Brook rounded it off with 1 more to make it 8-0. A good performance from all.

Dynamos 2 V 2 Hearts

The Dynamos were there, but first half was mainly played in our 18 yard box. With Hearts scoring first from the same old problem of not clearing our lines. It may have been the line up but the Dynamos for the first 25 minutes of the half could not get out of their own half. Then that long ball across let George Putland through and a goal 1-1 half time. As usual second half the Dynamos came out sluggish with the midfield depending on the defence and Oliver Grove to keep them in the game. We just could not dig out an attack and from a corner Hearts take the lead again. It was a wake up call and the Dynamos start to do the work and play the football they can, playing the ball forward for strikers to chase. With 2 minutes left George Putland brings it level. Dynamos could have gone on to win the match but the game ends a draw.

Dynamos 2 V 2 Tornados

This was always going to be tough as in all our other meetings the Dynamos have never won. The kids did really well against a team that played some real nice football.
The Dynamos took the lead through George Putland with a scuffed shot that the keeper could not keep hold of. Unfortunately laurel Park kept coming and seemed that 2 minutes quicker to the ball and brought the game level for half time.

A very even second half not really end to end but being played in the middle of the field. Minutes from the end and another shot from George Putland was met by Jack Dunlop’s head which changed the direction of the ball and a goal and again Laurel Park came back with a break in the middle and a goal to bring the game level at the end.

Dynamos 4 V 3 AFC Henley

It started raining 10 minutes before kick off and stopped raining 90 minutes later it was wet wet wet.

From the kick off the Dynamos were in control with constant attacking but AFC Henley seemed to have everyone behind the ball and a very strong goalkeeper stopping everything fired at him.

22 minutes into the game and George Putland breaks them down with a left foot shot in the bottom corner followed by a strike from Ben Brown. AFC Henley start to come back with a goal before half time, the weather playing a big part in the game.

Second half and Henley start well breaking down the middle and wings the Dynamos start to look as soggy as the pitch. Henley take the lead with 2 goals one from a slip an Martyn Lowles could not hold onto and a third from a fantastic corner. Could this be a 3 points lost.

Well Jack Brooke was having none of it, stepping up to the plate with some strong work in midfield and forcing the play into Henley’s half and the Dynamos get a free kick to the left of the box and Jack Brooke brings the game level with an excellent free kick. 2 minutes to go and Adam McCleave scores a 4th, tucked in the corner from a pass from Charlie Morrison who had ventured forward.

Dynamos 8 V 3 Pumas

Evan though the Dynamos put 3 goals in within the first 15 minutes Whitegrove Pumas did not give up.

With 3 goals from George Putland and a blistering 18 yard strike from Jack Brooke the game could have been over. Sadly the Pumas had other ideas and clawed back 2 goals before half time.
Very tense half time, the game could go either way. The Dynamos had other ideas with another 2 goals from George Putland and 1 from Aaron Williams. Zen Cakolli hitting the cross bar for the second match in a row.

The Pumas were still not out of the game, scoring again to make it 3. With some nice play between Jamie Hall and Martyn Lowles the ball ends up with George Putland and a Ronaldo chop he pokes home his 6th and the Dynamos 8th game over