It’s nearly business as usual here. During the current climate, we are taking extra precuations and our top priority is to keep everyone safe. With limited public transport available, it’s important to keep your vehicles in good working condition. We are happy to carry out free safety checks on tyre depth and pressures, brake wear and fluid levels on car and motorcycle.

Why are we open?
We are on the list of exempt companies on the GOV website that can remain open to allow drivers to maintain a roadworthy vehicle and keep you safe. There are still plenty of people still travelling to work – keyworkers, NHS staff and emergency services and we want you to know we are here for your vehicle needs.

What are we doing to keep staff and customers safe?
We have put additional practises into effect to ensure staff and customers can stay as safe as possible, such as:
– Keeping all surfaces in reception and around the workshop clean – these are sprayed and wiped down regularly including all door handles and the toilets.
– All staff members are following official guidelines and gloves are always worn when working on or moving vehicles.
– We are practising social distancing as a company, and we kindly ask that all customers come down as individuals and respect our staff by standing back from the counter.
– We have spaced out the seating area in reception. We also have plenty of space outside to wait and practise social distancing whilst waiting to collect your vehicle.

We are grateful to still be open and be able to provide a key service. If we work together we can get all of the important jobs to your vehicles done.


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