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Wheel alignment refers to the angles your car’s wheels are set at. It’s also known as tracking or ‘four-wheel alignment’ because all four wheels are assessed and adjusted together rather than just the front two. The main reasons for misaligned wheels are worn, damaged or incorrectly adjusted suspension components. This is because sudden jolts, jarring […]


Standard Tyres There is no standard time for how long tyres should last before they need replacing. Generally, it is recommended that front tyres should last for approximately 20,000 miles and rear tyres should last 40,000. However, many factors influence the rate at which tyres degrade; including: – If your vehicle is front or rear […]


Tyre care and maintenance is essential for safety, comfort, reliability and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. There are lots of reasons for tyre wear such as age, use, incorrect wheel alignment and poor road surface. It is important to look after your tyres and check them regularly to ensure you stay safe on the road. […]


One of our customer’s with two damaged tyres taking advantage of our free call-out to get them safely back on the road. Don’t forget we offer a mobile service for emergency car tyre requirements and during the CV19 period we are offering a free call out Monday – Friday within a 10 mile radius. Details […]


It’s nearly business as usual here. During the current climate, we are taking extra precuations and our top priority is to keep everyone safe. With limited public transport available, it’s important to keep your vehicles in good working condition. We are happy to carry out free safety checks on tyre depth and pressures, brake wear […]


We have revised our opening hours and reduced our staffing levels due to the current COVID-19 situation. You still receive the same level of service but please bear with us if we are slightly slower than usual. Monday – Friday: 8am – 4pm Saturday: 8am – 2pm


Lead time at your local bike shop too long? Want your new bike for the good weather sooner? For many years Roadwheel have supported top bike team Canyon dhb p/b Soreen and we are now pleased offer bike servicing and repairs with Roadwheel Cycle. Run by top team mechanic Eoin, we offer a range of […]

Wales GP report

We were back in action on Sunday but still in Wales but this time moving away from the Elite Circuit Series and focusing on the Elite Road Series. A report written by Alex below explains how it went. After a tough crit Friday night, the Wales GP was here on Sunday.  A couple of rider changes for […]

Wales Open Criterium

The last round of the Elite circuit series was held in the streets of Abergavenny on Friday evening. The pace was fast from the start with a lot of action. Alex Paton finished 8th overall on the night and has written report below talking us through how it went. Friday night saw Mitch, Rory, Gruff, […]

Beverley Grand Prix

Felix English (JLT Condor) sprinted to victory in the Beverley Grand Prix on Friday evening, boosting his tally in the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series. The 22-year-old from Sandbach in Cheshire edged to victory inches ahead of Series leader Jon Mould (One Pro Cycling) with 2014 Beverley GP winner Mike Northey (Madison Genesis) third. The […]