Firstly, what are run flat tyres?
Start by opening the boot of your car, lift the floor cover up, what do you see? If it’s a spare tyre sat in the cavity or a foam filler tyre repair kit then your car isn’t fitted with run flat tyres. However, if you don’t see either then there is a good chance that your car is fitted with run flat tyres – or should be.

Run flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls which enable them to remain fairly rigid in the event of a puncture. The tyres will deflate down to a point, but it saves your wheel hubs from having to take the weight that a fully-inflated tyre would.

With a traditional tyre, you need to stop as soon as you have a flat and replace it. If you don’t, you risk damaging the hubs, spokes, and rims of your wheels, and having to pay for costly repairs. With run flat tyres, you’re able to continue driving to a nearby tyre replacement centre.

If your car has been fitted with run flat tyres, or you’re considering changing to them, you may be wondering if they’re repairable.

Can I repair run flat tyres?
While it’s technically possible to repair run flat tyres, most retailers will refuse to do so – as it’s likely to make your tyres unsafe. This is because run flat tyres must be driven below 30mph for less than 50 miles once a puncture has happened – and a repair technician has no way of knowing whether this has been adhered to.

In exceptional circumstances, such as a hole-puncture in a remote location, it is possible to plug small holes with a tyre puncture repair kit. Doing this with a run flat tyre is done in much the same way as repairing a traditional tyre. However, we highly recommend that you then have your tyres replaced as soon as you’re near a replacement centre.

Failing to do so is also likely to result in an MOT test failure, and leave you driving with unsafe tyres.

Is it ok to change from traditional tyres to run flat tyres?
This varies based on your vehicle. If your vehicle wasn’t designed with run flat tyres in mind, it is usually advised to stick with traditional tyres. This is because the wheels and axles would have been designed with different stresses factored in.

Sometimes, it’s not an issue, but we highly recommend you check with your manufacturer. Run flat tyres have the benefit of not needing to carry a spare tyre (as you’re able to drive to a nearby repair centre in the event of a puncture) but they can also be a little more expensive than traditional tyres.

Where can I get my run flat tyres replaced?
Roadwheel! Here at Roadwheel we stock run flat tyres, just give us a call to check we have your particular tyre in stock and if not, we can order them in.

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