Rory takes the honors at the Peter Young road race

Rory continued his show of form by winning the Peter Young on Sunday after a perfect lead out from all the guys making it a brilliant team performance. Rory talks us through how it went below.

Foxy, Mac, DC, Mitch, Lewis and I rolled out for this year’s Peter Young. This is a local race for many of us, and is only a 15 minute ride from my house, so I was really motivated to do a good ride. Confidence was high after last weekend at Jock Wadley, but after riding the Roy Thame RR on Saturday, I wasn’t feeling as fresh as the week before.Mitchell and Rory

The race was divided into two different courses which crossed over. The first lap rolled away from the HQ in Cobham and included seven and a half laps in a figure of eight pattern, before turning onto the shorter Staple Hill course for a further seven laps, culminating in a total distance of 87 miles.

The pace was high from the start as Mitch and I tried to split the bunch, but were being slowed by the support motorbikes in front. The bunch wasn’t keen on letting too much go, and with a number of the ‘bigger’ teams like Richardsons Trek, Nuun Sigma Sport, Catford and ourselves having raced the previous day, it discouraged breakaways from going on the larger circuit.

DC and Mitch did a great job at getting in both moves and keeping the pace high. On the last lap of the big circuit, DC infiltrated a strong group of 8 riders, who worked well to build a lead of 40 seconds. We wanted to dominate this race, and with that in mind, Mitch and I hit the front to pull the group back.Rory Win

Two laps in on the smaller circuit, Foxy went away solo on a small drag, about a lap later, a Twickenham rider went across to him. The duo worked well and were holding the bunch behind at 30 seconds. The 5 remaining Pedal Heaven riders were all present at the front of the peloton, keeping an eye on other attacks and staying out of trouble.



With a lap to go, Foxys gap had reduced heavily and was now insight. The guys had to keep the pace high to deter attacks and keep me in position at the front of the bunch ready for a sprint. 2km out Foxy was caught, and immediately got involved with the lead out. With Lewis and Foxy sweeping either side of me, Mac led us into the final corner and out, then Mitch took over and went really hard for about 300 meters. Finally, DC went for it and I came off his wheel with 200 meters to go, I was over geared on the uphill sprint, and wasn’t sure if I could hold on, but the pictures showed a clear gap and DC managed to hold onto second.

Absolutely thrilled to get my hands in the air after a well-controlled race and perfect lead out from the guys.

Thanks to Hugh McManus for the Photo’sRory Win

Second for Stevie Williams at the Angela Davies Road Race

Stevie Williams and Gruff Lewis were in action last weekend in Abertystwyth at the Angela Davies Memorial RR. A tough race which attracted the attention of some big teams which added to the challenge. Stevie Williams rode brilliantly and claimed second behind Condor JLT’s Handley. A short report below tells us how the race panned out.

It was a cold start to the day in Aberystwyth, I put a lot of pressure on myself to get a result as The Angela Davies memorial road race is my home race. It was Condor JLT and Madison who were well represented with strong teams which was going to make it tough.

As we rolled out from the HQ everyone was keen to get going, the early move was the key move, with me and Gruff visible at the front of the bunch, I followed wheels and got into the break of the day with 9 riders present which included Scully, Cronshaw, Cuming, Handley, Lloyd, local rider Dan Davies and a couple others. We worked well together and quickly opened a gap of 2 minutes. Stevie

The gap grew to around 3 minutes, until a chasing group was formed behind with a few more JLT and Madison riders and my team mate Gruff. This was good for us as we had a Pedal Heaven rider in the lead group and the chasing group.

As the race went on and natural selection was formed from the lead group only 6 of us remained. As we reached the last big climb of the day, myself, Mike Cuming and Richard Handley distanced ourselves from the break and went over the top of the climb and grew a gap of just over a minute.

The JLT riders had the upper hand on the run in as they were able to attack numerous times. As we got to the final kilometre it was time for a sprint, Cuming was distanced and it was very close between myself and Handley for 1st and 2nd, he narrowly got me in the finale and I was good enough for 2nd on the day.

Good race, organised brilliantly by Ystwyth CC.

Rory Townsend’s takes 3rd in the fastest ever Jock Wadley RR

Rory Townsend rode with class to take third overall behind Steel Von Hoff and Yanto Barker at last weekend’s Jock Wadley Memorial RR. Rory has written a report to explain how the race went from his view.

Tank, DC, Mitch, Stevie, Holty and I rolled out for the 33rd edition of the prestigious Jock Wadley road race. The 145km race took place in Colchester on a rolling, 12 lap course.

The race bought strong teams out from their winter training, JLT Condor, One Pro and NFTO all had the full complement of six riders and we knew any break containing numbers from those teams would probably stick.

The race started slowly compared to what we’ve been used to late. However the attacks soon came after a lap or so, Mitch and Stevie were doing a great job following the moves whilst I sat back with Holty for cover. DC and Tank were present at the front as always, keeping a watchful eye out.

The decisive move began with approximately 4 laps to go. The front of the peloton began to fracture in the crosswinds over the reservoir. I attacked from the middle of the pack while sheltered from the wind taking a Condor JLT rider with me.Von Hoff, Rory and Yanto Barker

After a minute or so of chasing, we got across to the leaders making a group of 11.  This included two riders from each of the three major teams. We worked well together, riding through and off. Not far behind the group, Stevie was stuck in no-man’s land trying to get across. He held us for lap but couldn’t make it, riding against the full force of the breakaway. In the peloton, the chase subsided and before long we had a commanding lead of almost 8 minutes.

With four laps to go, the attacks started from the One Pro duo of Marcin and Yanto, possibly trying to drop the riders sitting on. A three man move went containing a rider from each of the main teams, I sat back and fortunately they were soon brought back. I then got into the counter move, along with the same three teams. At one point we had a minute lead, so I was surprised when the group behind came back to us!

Yanto attacked up the hill with about 3 and a half laps to go, taking Steel von Hoff (NFTO).  I jumped across the gap to join them. The three of us took equal turns, and established a decent lead. Von Hoff is well known for his sprint ability after winning a stage at this year’s Tour Down Under, and Yanto wasn’t keen on taking him to the line; with 1 lap to go, Yanto kicked off the attacks , Steele caught up to him and then attacked putting me further behind.

Their game of cat and mouse continued allowing me to catch up. I realisedI was going to have to settle for third, and rode the majority of the last lap on the front.

With approximately 2km to go, the games started again and it became more of a track sprint than a road finale. Marcin was chasing behind and there wasn’t much time to mess around from my perspective, so I hit them hard and briefly had a gap, Steele chased back on and attacked over the top, showing his World Tour quality in going clear and taking the win. I followed Yanto in with Marcin not far behind.Podium

In the bunch sprint, DC produced a great ride to get 11th overall, finishing just behind One Pros Jon Mould. Tank also finished within the top 20, with the rest of the team coming home safely in the bunch.

Very happy with what was possibly my best ever result!

Great to be showing off the Pedal Heaven jersey at the front of the big races!

Roadwheel-dynamos logo

Ascot 0 V 7 Dynamos

Today saw the U15 Dynamos away  to  Ascot United Rovers.

The  Dynamos  arrived at Ascot and started warming up in high spirits.

The whistle blew and the game was on. The Dynamos were back to their best , moving the ball well and stringing some great passes throughout the pitch.

With goals from Shaun , Sam G,  Jack B and 2 from George ( 1 being a penalty that the keeper saved but George cracked the rebound back in to the net)

the lads came in at half time 5 – 0 up.

Second half saw more of the same from The Dynamos , moving  the ball well down both wings then putting a lot of great balls in to the box .

Ascot did not give up  at any point in this match and in the second half with some fresh legs on pitch put up a great fight .

It was only unlucky for them that  The Dynamos  were  in great form and put the game to bed with 2 goals courtesy of Jack B and Sam G.

Final whistle 7-0.

Man of the match went to Shaun Riley but in honesty it could have gone to any one of the 12 players today .

Thanks goes to Steve Riley and Alan McCleave  for  your help today.

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Dynamos 6 V 1 Caversham AFC Hawks

Another winning match this weekend.

Once again the Dynamos made hard work of the first half going in at the break in the lead but only just.

Second half they took the game by the scruff of the neck and killed it of very quickly.

Well don to Patvin another 2 goals and George another hat trick.

Roadwheel-dynamos logo

Dynamos 6 V 1 Woodley Saints Kites

This game has been a long time in coming, the two top teams meet both unbeaten.

The Dynamos were not put off by Woodleys reputation of being unbeaten and sitting at the top of the division.

Straight from the off the Dynamos knuckled down at set to work scoring four goals in the first half and not allowing Woodley any chance in the game. All of the first half was played in Woodleys half, Zen, George, Charlie and Sam all finishing there chances to put them in a commanding lead at the break.

Second half and Woodley did come out with more of an attack but the Dynamos defense was not to be broken and managed to clean up and break down any attack. Then hope was given to Woodley in the form of a penalty, which Martin very nearly saved. The Dynamos kept going and put the game to bed with 2 more goals from Jack and Sam.

This was a game that we all looked forward to and expected it to be harder than it was, I think it was down to the team, they played and worked for each other and made their opponents look a little basic.


Henley 2 V 6 Dynamos

Out to Henley to close out the first half of the season.

The team is coming together really well now and they are starting to move the ball around and creating plenty of chances. This match was played in total control by the Dynamos. At half time they were 5 up and the game was all over.
Second half was played at the same pace but the whole team got tired which allowed Henley to score 2 goals and get back into the game.

A mention could be made for every player in the squad but today it was the midfield that won the game.

National Trophy Cyclocross round 5, Bradford

After Milton Keynes a few weeks back I had taken the series lead in the Elite race.

Bradford was shaping up to be a great race, top riders entered, the same tough circuit as usual and heavy rain forecast.

With Sheffield my temporary winter base it meant I could travel to the race on the day, always a nice bonus.

Once there and able to see the course it was clear to see it was very muddy. Similar to Milton Keynes with the mud and a couple of running sections.

I had been looking forward to the race all week and was excited about racing in the yellow series leaders top. To top it off, the guys at Pro Vision had made me a custom skin suit, very cool!

To the start and I was on the front row again. My plan was to do my very best to race with Ian Field as my only chance to keep the jersey would be to beat him. A tall ask, but anything is possible. As the gun fired I had a good start and sooon made it to the front of the race. for lap one I lead the race out and kept out of trouble. Soon a lead group of Ian Field, Ben Sumner and I was formed and we started to go clear. Towards the end of lap 2 I started to pay for my slightly ambitious lap one and started to tail off the group and slip down the field a bit. I tried to limit my losses and hold the wheels, but at one point I had dropped back to 8th place, certainly not where I had hoped to be.

With the mud getting worse and worse, bike changes were every lap. The course was turning to a big mud bath and many sections became tricky to even stay on the bike at all. it was great fun and I felt more comfortable in the conditions than Milton Keynes.

As the race entered the final 2 laps I started to find my legs again and managed to catch and pass a couple of people, putting me in 6th place and racing Steve James for 5th. As we entered the final run section, he managed to take the inside line and this took me off the fast line. From here there was no way I could close the small gap this created and I rolled home in 6th place. Not the result I had hoped for, but ok considering I got a bit carried away lap one.

My time in yellow was quite short lived, but very cool still. I currently sit 2nd in the series and look to try and secure that place in the final round in Derby.

Happy days

Alex Paton takes the yellow jersey

Having found out a few weeks back that I had made the selection to race the Milton Keynes World Cup, the time had soon flown by and it was race day!

Having spent some time on the circuit on Friday I was looking forward to the both the technical and physical demands of one of the best cyclocross circuits I have ever ridden. Very muddy, slippery and lots of running it was going to make for some great but tough racing.

This would be my first Elite World cup and the first world cup I have raced in 6 years since racing regularly as a junior. The atmosphere at the event was amazing, anyone who went or has seen pictures will know just what I mean; it really was packed with supporters for every rider.

The race was always going to be a tough one, let’s face it, I would be racing against the best guys in the world! My aim was to race as hard as I could and try to mix it with the best. I had a grid position towards the back, but I usually have a good start so that wasn’t an issue.

As the gun fired and the 60 strong field raced towards the crazy first corner the atmosphere was amazing! Early into the race I soon found myself struggling to keep a decent pace going. Just not quite as good as I have been lately. Generally I struggled on the day, not by a lot, but I was certainly off the pace so to speak.

The race for me gradually just rode away and left me scrambling to hold onto any respectable position. The experience of the race was fantastic even though I wasn’t having the best day in the office so to speak. The crowds were amazing and made the event as special as it was.

Personally, I was not very happy with my performance, it was just average and that simply doesn’t cut it at world cup level. One of the days it just didn’t quite come together, even so, I had a fantastic experience and was cool to have Pedal Heaven colours racing at world level.

I did manage to finish on the same lap as the leaders and eventually came home 42nd, far from a good result, but that’s what I had to give on the day.

With the world cup over, it was onto the National Trophy at the same venue the day after. A very slight course change removed a long running section, a real bonus for me having struggled with the running yesterday. Having put yesterday behind me, I was very aware of the possibility that I could be leading the Trophy Series depending on how today goes.

A few international riders had stayed over for the national race and this was going to make for another tough day racing. Having spent the morning watching back the video from yesterday’s world cup, I felt I had some good little improvements to make and hopefully help me to have a stronger race.
A second row grid today, not too bad. My plan was to try and ride a smoother race and flow with the circuit rather than battling it like yesterday. As the race rocketed down the fresh tarmac, I was in a better place and feeling more in control then yesterday in the mud.

Almost immediately the top 4 guys rode a bit clear. Three international riders went away and left Ian field just tailing off slightly. With my new found rhythm and smoother technical skills I was racing far better today. Still not at the pace of the top guys, but more competitive today. I soon found myself in 5th place for almost the entire race, not all the far behind Ian to start with.

As the race progressed I was racing against current series leader Jody Crawforth and one Belgian rider. We eventually tailed Jody off and went clear, but soon joined by the legend that is Nick Craig. Coming into the last lap Nick, the Belgian and I were clear of Jody and Steve James.

With half a lap to go, I started to lose a bit of pace and made a couple of small mistakes meaning I had dropped to 7th place and Steve/Jody had closed the gap to me quite a lot.

From this point in my mind I was quite sure I had secured the yellow leaders jersey and I just made sure I got to the finish in one piece. A better day than yesterday and always cool to take the series lead and yellow jersey.

A quality weekend, what an experience.

Pedal Heaven 2015 Team Line-up

Pedal Heaven – The announcement.

Having taken the win at the last round of the National Trophy cyclocross it seems like a good time to see how the team is looking for next year.
Tim Elverson DS:
“It was really important for me that we continue to build on the progress we have made since the inception of the team, this was our third full season and we have continued to stay very competitive within our region whilst also start to make an impact on the National seen.
We had many great results across the year from all areas of the squad, first junior in Otley to Nat. B&C masters champ, we took 40 Nat B wins as a team. But there was a few stand out performances by Alex Paton and Gruff Lewis that really put us on the map as a serious team taking podiums and many top ten performances in the tour series, premier calendar and Nat. TT. So it was important for us to retain them both. They have both shown belief in the team by signing on for another year.
We have worked hard to have a plan for continued progression and keeping everyone on board is part of that process. Lewis Atkins has also finished top of the BC points system, whilst we are wise enough to know this isn’t a reflection of his position within the UK, it does show great form through the year with ability and desire to race for the team and take 22 wins.
We have a great squad and some very important back room staff who really help get the best out of everyone. We’ve managed to improve the squad further by adding some quality in the form of experience and exciting developing talent.
We feel we can help all our new riders develop further and by bringing the best out of them the team will continue to progress.
We would like to thank all of our sponsors Specialized, Colbornes, Tiger Communications, Roadwheel, Continental, Salice, High 5, Mavic and Pro Sport Distribution clothing for all their support throughout the 2014 season.
Thank you to Tiger, Roadwheel, Continental, Salice and Specialized for continuing into 2015, we also have some exciting new partners for the 2015 season Spire, Edco, Trainsharp ZipVit, Hammondrutts Investments, RCollard, Pro-Vision, I-Ride, Arundel, Stages and speedplay.
We have a very firm plan for 2015 going into 2016 and the strength and depth in the squad should allow us to continue on this path.”

Craig Peter (Owner):
“To say I’m proud is an understatement, for what the team has achieved in the 2014 season has been fantastic. We are a team with a smaller budget but still competing with teams with much larger budgets, it’s a true reflection on the management and riders efforts. We are heading in the right direction to fulfill our targets for the upcoming seasons. As much as we want to head towards having a UCI status we don’t want to forget where it all starts at youth and junior levels. I am looking forward to the 2015 season to have a stronger hold on bigger races.

Owner: Craig Peter
DS: Tim Elverson
Ass. DS: Anders Christenson
Lewis Atkins
Dave Creeggan (Nat. master’s C champ)
Will Fox (new for 2015)
Will Harper (new for 2015)
Simon Holt (new for 2015)
Gruff Lewis
Rob McCarthy
Dave McGowan (new for 2015)
Chris McNamara (Nat. master’s B champ)
Rob Moore
Alex Paton
Jamie Pine
Francis Cade
Max Stedman
Rory Townsend
Mitch Webber
Stevie Williams (new for 2015)
Harrison Jones (New for 2015)